ABS at Lagmhor

Lagmhor School is nestled 9km inland from Tinwald and is a satellite school of Borough. There are currently 40 children enrolled in Years 0-6. The school consists of two classrooms, a library space, swimming pool, trampolines and a boundary of expansive hedges which serve as a playground and a brand new playground erected late 2020. Most children travel to school by bus each day. Lagmhor school visits Borough one Thursday a month to attend assemblies and for the students to foster links with their peers.

Lagmhor History

Lagmhor School was established in 1918 and occupies three hectares of land surrounded by well established trees and gardens.

In 2001 Ashburton Borough School and Lagmhor School merged with Lagmhor School ensuring the continuance of a rural school in a rural community.

This was in response to the threatened closure of small schools being promoted by government policy at that time.

The idea grew from understanding that similar school organization had been a feature of schooling in the latter part of the 19th Century and early 20th Century when side schools were common place.

In the context of this merger, it was agreed that such an arrangement would be beneficial to both schools. Children would enjoy the connection of a larger urban school with that of a smaller rural school, while staff would be provided opportunity to work between the sites. The arrangement also ensured the continuance of a rural school in a rural community.

We are very happy to note that since establishing the model it has been replicated elsewhere in New Zealand as a viable educational alternative to school closure.

The School is currently staffed by two teachers and a learning support aide. The Principal visits from town on a regular basis and is well known to the children at the school.

The School is also very well supported by an active parent community who are involved in supporting the school in its many endeavours. Children have access to a school bus service that is subject to change as and when required in an effort to cater to changing needs within the community.

Lagmhor enjoys the amenities that you would expect of a rural school - 2 classrooms (junior 0-3 & senior 4-6), a heated swimming pool (available to the community), a BBQ area, sealed tennis courts, in-ground trampolines, 2 playgrounds and large playing fields, asphalted scooter track, vege gardens as well as advanced technologies. In addition, the Lagmhor site offers staff and pupils expanding educational opportunities.

In addition the children from Lagmhor can and do access resources from Borough on a regular basis.

Lagmhor School 1918

Lagmhor School 2016