Ashburton Borough School aims for our students to be literate and numerate life long learners. They are thinkers and self managers who have a positive attitude to learning, with the knowledge and skills to be able to effectively communicate as global citizens.

Thinkers are curious and take risks in their learning. They seek, use and create knowledge by asking questions, being creative, critical and metacognitive. They use a range of thinking tools to organise their thought processes to reflect on, and solve problems.

Self managers are enterprising, resourceful, reliable and resilient. They know when to lead, when to follow and when and how to act independently.

Students with a positive attitude to learning are highly focused and able to set and work towards achieving goals to the best of their ability. They use a variety of methods including; goal setting, purposefulness, competitiveness and perseverance.

Effective communicators are students who are able to give and receive information efficiently; orally, visually and in written form. They can competently use a variety of technologies and genre in each of the learning areas.

Global citizens respect themselves, others and the environment. They value diversity and understand the importance of their place in our world and that they can make a difference.

Core Beliefs

A positive learning environment will exist, enabling children to develop a love of learning and to achieve to their potential.

The school is committed to improving teaching and learning by delivering challenging and high quality programmes.

Literacy and numeracy are the foundation of learning.

The school will embrace an inclusive culture.

Children with identified needs and abilities will be provided with effective strategies for learning.

Diversity and individuality will be recognised and valued.

The school is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

The school will promote values that equip children to become responsible international citizens.

The school will communicate achievement on the basis of valid information.


The school has a roll of approximately 350 students and is a co-educational full primary school. The school has a zone and draws students from the local area for both Borough and Lagmhor. We do accept enquiries for out of zone placements.