Procedures for the daily running of the school.


Absences can be reported on the Skool Loop app or can be phoned through to the Borough school office automated absence line.   Absences must be reported by 8.55 a.m.  Please state the child's full name and reason for absence. 

No child should be away from school without sufficient reason. If a child is absent without the school being notified then an automated text message is sent to the parent/caregiver. Upon receiving this text the parent/caregiver is expected to contact the school with the reason for absence.

Apart from telephoning the office to enable us to make the daily safety check on the roll, please send a note stating the reason to the teacher. The reason for absence may be important in understanding a child's performance or attitude on returning to school. If, for some pressing reason, a child must be taken from school during the day, please tell the class teacher. This saves confusion or worry about the pupil's whereabouts.


If you live more than 3.2km from your nearest school (or 4.8 km from Yr 7 onwards) you are entitled to travel to your nearest school by bus.  For those choosing to travel past their nearest school to Borough School there is a charge. Children who live within 3.2km of Ashburton Borough School (or 4.8km from Yr 7), who wish to use the bus are charged at a commercial rate. Bus children are under the supervision of bus monitors whose job it is to call the roll and ensure that all children are present before the bus leaves, and that behavior is of a high standard on the buses. If your child is on the bus in the morning but is not on in the afternoon, please ring the school or write a note to let us know. We do not let the bus depart until all children are accounted for. Children may not take other children's names off the bus list. Parents of all children who use a school bus must complete an Ashburton Schools Transport Service enrolment form (available from the school office.) All information regarding the School Transport Service is available here

Lagmhor Site Arrangements

Children attending the Lagmhor site have access to a bus run. This begins in the morning at 8.00 a.m. in Tinwald (Anne Street) and proceeds around a route encompassing Tarbottons Road, Westerfield School Road, Frasers Road, Timaru Track and surrounding areas. The bus arrives at school at 8.35 a.m. It leaves school at 3.00 p.m. and finishes at approximately 3.30 p.m. A detailed map is available on request. Some children also travel on the Hackthorne run (College bus). Additional information may be obtained here

Cell Phones

Use of cell phones by children during school hours:- In the first instance cell phones should not be brought to school. In the event of a cell phone being used by children in the course of the school day the phone will be confiscated and returned to the child at the end of the day. Iit is understood the school will accept no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of a cell phone brought to school by a child. Parents are advised of the contact procedures for children for any matter including emergencies.

Change of Address/Phone No.

If you change your phone number or address while your child is attending our school, please let us know as it is essential that we have up-to-date emergency contact information for your child.

Class Trips and Visits

As part of the class programme, day visits or in some cases overnight camps are undertaken by classes. These are a valuable extension of the class programme and involve a large amount of work and organisation. Parent helpers on such excursions are essential and any offers of transport or supervision at these times is greatly appreciated. Detailed information is forwarded as and when required.


Ashburton Borough School prides itself on an open door policy and the very good rapport it enjoys with parents. Teachers and parents must have open lines of communication to help the child through the beginning weeks and indeed future years at school. Anything of concern should be discussed with the teacher, just as the teacher will discuss any concerns with you. Please make an appointment to consult with the teacher if you would like some uninterrupted time with him/her. They are more than willing to accommodate you. Communications about school activities, information and programmes are dealt with through a monthly newsletter and by specific newsletters concerning a particular issue. Sometimes there is a return slip with a notice, to ensure that you have received it, or to get your opinions and thoughts on a school matter. Please help your child to be responsible in returning these slips by the due date.


Ashburton Borough School values opportunity to compete in a range of endeavours, both sporting and academic. These include:

Science BadgesPrimary ResearchInterschool Sports CompetitionsLEARNZScience ChallengeWinter TournamentLiteracy QuizScience FairSummer TournamentCanta MathsAthleticsCross CountryOtago Problem SolvingSwimming.


Complaints or questions may be put to class teachers, to the Principal, or to the Board of Trustees. If you are in doubt about the course you should take, we suggest that your starting point will be the school office. Generally, matters are best and first raised with your child's teacher. You may still wish to talk to the Principal. Please do not remain silent if you are uneasy or troubled. Problems are usually remedied easily; rumours are often ill founded; policies and practices are sometimes misunderstood; errors, shortcomings and wrongs should be corrected.

Computer Technology

Ashburton Borough School is committed to ICT development. Currently the Library systems are computerized and children have access to a suite of computers in the library area, as well as two networked computers being available in every class. Children are subject to a code of ICT practice.

Craft Technology

Craft Technology is available to senior students (Yr 7 & 8) at the Ashburton Craft Technology Centre, McLean Street, on a timetabled basis. Cooking, sewing, woodwork and electronics are currently available. 2015 information for parents is available on the MCTC page:-


Approved cycle helmets must be worn. Parents should ensure children cycling to school know the road code. Children under the age of 7 are not permitted to cycle to school. We recommend that until children reach the age of 9 they be accompanied by an adult (over 18 yrs). Cycles must not be ridden in the town site grounds. Children are discouraged from biking to the Lagmhor site under the age of 11.

Damage to Property

Children and parents normally take good care of their school's buildings, grounds and equipment. We resist vandalism as best we can and we acknowledge that parents are often the source of the equipment we have in the school. At the same time, parents have to be held responsible for irresponsible damage or loss caused by children and will be charged for accordingly.

Educational and Related Services

The school maintains contact with and utilises where necessary a variety of outside specialist agencies. These include;

Canterbury Health ServicesMinistry of EducationGuidance UnitsChildren & Young Persons ServiceSpeech and LanguageTherapistsMainstream Support TeachersSpecial Education ServicesPoliceAdvisors on the curriculumSchool Library ServiceDept of Social WelfareChCh College of EducationGraduate School of EducationChristchurch PolytechCanterbury University

Environmental School

Ashburton Borough School is an environmental school committed to zero waste. Children are encouraged to recycle all waste. Plastics go home. All other waste is classified and recycled.

Financial Support

Please contact the Principal if support is required.


The school, on its own account, and the Home & School organise a range of fundraising activities. Activities are timetabled throughout the year and parents may be called upon to assist as they can.


Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse regularly visits the school to discuss health concerns. Public Health Nurses are here to help. If you have any specific health problems concerning your children, Public Health Nurses are available to see children who may have been referred to them by you the parent, a teacher, or children themselves. The school health service does not provide on-the-spot treatment and is not a substitute for the family doctor.

The Public Health Nurse can help families reach other agencies if this is appropriate. Contact phone number 307-8378. Web site:-

Vision & Hearing

All children have their hearing and vision tested within their first year of school and again in Yr 7 and Yr 10. Parents may ask for further tests if they are concerned about their child's eyes or ears.

Diseases and Exclusion from School

Some diseases require the exclusion of children from school. Among these are:

The school adopts the above guidelines as adequate protection for other children. Your doctor may advise longer exclusion from school according to the degree of the illness. Some common problems, ringworm and head lice for example, do not require exclusion if they are being treated. Other diseases may require exclusion, and the Board of Trustees will determine whether admission has to be withheld to protect the health of other children.

Dental Care

The Community Dental Clinic offers free dental care for pre-schoolers and primary age children. Please contact this service directly on 0800 846983.

Health & Safety Committee

Ashburton Borough School is a health promoting school. Staff, parents and children are represented on the Health & Safety Committee which meets regularly to review good health and safety in our school.

Internet Safety

To ensure safe practise of internet facilities the school will ensure the following:-

That staff make use of available training through in-house support.

That children be directed to sites rather than surfing.

That parents have signed an internet usage form (kept on file) and are aware of the potential for illegal use, and that in the event of illegal use that appropriate action will be undertaken in accordance with the school discipline and behaviour management policy or the appropriate collective employment contract.

Literacy Assistance Programme

Please read pdf documents: Parent Information Sheet47.36 KB and                                                         A Guide for Parents442.56 KB.


The school library is available for families to use. Your child's teacher or librarian can issue material to you. The children visit our library regularly and take the books home. Most classes also visit the Ashburton Public Library regularly. All children become members so if your child is not a member already you will need to sign the appropriate forms available at school. Town library books also go home. It is your responsibility to return all books to school by the due date Lagmhor has a small library. Children may access books from the town site also.

Lost Property

Lost property stored in a red wheelie bin outside the school office. Named clothing is always returned directly to the owner.  In the last week of term the lost property will be displayed on the bench seats outside the school office. Any unclaimed items after this display are donated to charity or recycled. Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is named. The school discourages children from bringing valuable articles to school. Jewellery and other smaller items are held at the school office and may be claimed during normal school hours. Lost property is stored in the cloakroom at Lagmhor.


Children who do not go home for lunch are not permitted to leave the grounds unless a note is provided. Subway is available most Fridays. Orders must be placed in the container at the school office with the correct change no later than 8.55 a.m. Children at Lagmhor don't have access to bought lunches. A pie warmer and microwave are available to heat lunches.


Medical Problems/Special Circumstances

If your child has a special medical problem, please let us know by filling in the appropriate section on the enrolment form or by contacting the school. Some things that come to mind are allergy to bee stings, penicillin, asthma or anything which can cause a child distress. Also domestic circumstances, including any custody order which may help us avoid unnecessary distress to your child. This information is confidential to the school and can, if you desire, be made confidential to the Principal only.


Children suffering from asthma are encouraged to take responsibility for their own medication. All other medications must be dispensed via office staff and are kept in the medical room. Refrigeration is available for medications requiring same.

First Aid Treatment/Sickness

Should a child suffer an accident at school they will be attended to. If it is felt that a doctor's advice is necessary then parents will be contacted immediately. If a parent cannot be contacted then the emergency contact will be notified. It is important that emergency contact numbers are kept up to date.


Money may be left with the school office for safe keeping. The school will not accept responsibility for monies lost at school.


To keep families informed about school policy, recent and coming events, and day-to-day matters of school routine, newsletters are produced fortnightly. Classroom letters and notices about excursions or visits will be sent home with children. Parents of junior class pupils in particular should check school packs for notes and newsletters. Local clubs and organisations may use our school newsletter as a way to pass on information. The newsletter is  available on the school web and is emailed to parents through Skool loop

Parent Help

We have a large number of parents who help on a regular basis around the school during school hours. We welcome and encourage help in many areas. If you would like to help, discuss this with a staff member.

Some suggestions are:-

Parents must 'sign in' at the school office on arrival. From 15th November 2021, all volunteers must be vaccinated against Covid-19.


Class and individual photos are taken each year.

Physical Education & Sport

All children who are physically able are expected to take part in these activities. Light, free moving clothing and suitable footwear is required (see school uniform). If your child is to be excused from taking part, a note is necessary. Health limitations should be discussed with the teachers.

Playground Areas

Senior and Junior children have a designated adventure playground each. With the exception of these areas, all children are free during intervals to play anywhere in the playground. If you wish to find your child during breaks you may have to search all around the playground. Children are discouraged from being in the classrooms during fine intervals. Lagmhor children have unlimited access to the site grounds.


Ashburton Borough School enjoys a long history that is celebrated at our end of year assembly when children's efforts are acknowledged.

These include:

Encouragement Cup (Girls)Davidson Shield (Boys – citizenship)Riverbridge Native Species Trust (Conservation)Stewart Encouragement Cup (Boys)Ratten Maths CupTodd Singing CupsMcPhail Medals

Moon Cup (Girls – citizenship)

Inquiry Cup

Bell Essay/Writers' Award

Progress Cup

Reporting to Parents

At the beginning of each year you will have the opportunity to meet with teachers and discuss programmes of work planned for the year, shared aspirations and other matters of importance. Parent-teacher/child interviews are held twice yearly. Progress reports are available each term or by arrangement. We report progress digitally through our SMS Hero.

Scholastic Book Club

This book club offers relatively cheap, good paperback books and other reading materials at regular intervals. A list of available books is sent home with pupils. Should you wish to order books please fill in the order form by due date, enclose the correct amount of money with the order and place in the 'Book Club Box', situated at reception. Cheques must be made out to "Borough School". Books usually arrive at school approximately 3 weeks after the order is placed.

Student leadership.

Senior students are encouraged to take an active role in the management of Ashburton Borough School. School leaders are appointed at the start of each year and include school leaders, House leaders and Enviro leaders.

School Donation

From 2020 school donations are no longer required to be paid by families. 

School Policy Statements

Are available for inspection at the School Office and can be accessed in pdf format on the website. Click here to go to BOT page where you will find a link to our policies.

School Rules

These are few and are based on common sense, safety and consideration of others. See policy statements. Children may not leave the school grounds during school hours without permission. The 3 R's – Respect, Responsibility and Resilience are attributes that are encouraged in all our children. The School operates a three step discipline programme. Children receiving three detentions in a term will be placed on an intervention programme – the scope of which will be negotiated with parents, child, staff and the Board of Trustees. The school also reserves the right to stand-down or exclude children for gross misbehaviour notwithstanding an intervention programme.

School Times

In Class                      8.55am

Morning Interval        10.30m – 10.50 am (play)

Lunch Time               12.30 pm - 1.00pm (play)

School Finishes         2.55 p.m

School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform at Borough School is compulsory. For safety reasons the only stud earrings should be worn at school.

Specialist Support

Ashburton Borough School offers a range of additional learning opportunities including:

Reading Recovery - Music Tuition - Extension Studies - Talk to Learn - Singing Tuition - Speech - Guitar Tuition - SPELD Tuition - Remedial Tuition

Starting School Procedures for New Entrants (5 year olds)

Before Starting School...

Your child's education began as soon as he or she was born, and the years of preparation to formal schooling are very important. We, as teachers, appreciate that many parents have spent a lot of time and energy giving children meaningful experiences and talking with and listening to them talk about their world, and of course, we realise that you know more about your child at age 5 than we do. The positive preparation to school can help parents and children face going to school with confidence. By making cheerful comments about school, your child will know that school is a happy, interesting place where friends will be made. If you are relaxed and positive so will your child be. However, there is a difference between being positive and building too high an expectation of school and also of your child. The kinds of skills that children would find helpful before coming to school would include being able to dress and undress themselves for swimming, blow nose, toilet independence, recognise colours, manage pencils, crayons and scissors, recognise their own name, knowing some alphabet letters etc.

These suggestions are of course not considered as pre-requisites and in fact some children may take some time to acquire all these skills and others may have many more skills in their repertoire. New entrant teachers expect children to have a variety of skills and they are trained to accept your child at whatever stage of development and work from there. If there is over emphasis on performance and knowing certain skills, your child can become fearful and over-concerned. This can also happen if school is portrayed in a negative way, e.g. "Wait till you get to school, the teacher will sort you out!" Keep to the positive and everyone will feel better about the start.


If at all possible we would like to know beforehand that you intend to enrol your child at Borough School. It is suggested that notice of this is given two months prior to enrolment. This information helps us make preparations for receiving your child. It also helps us in making decisions on class size adjustments that may be necessary to accommodate an intake of new entrants to give our new people the best possible start to school.

Pre-entry Day/s

Preparation for school will also involve pre-enrolment visits, negotiated with new entrant staff. The main objective of these visits are:-

To meet the teacher of the class. It is important for your child to begin to get to know the person they are going to spend a large part of their day with, and for the teacher to start building a relationship with your child. The first visit sets a good grounding.

To have some idea of where they will be going on their first day. If they feel they are in familiar surroundings and a warm, caring environment there will be less stress in the first few days.

To make at least one special friend. It is comforting for your child to know someone there, and if there is no-one familiar in the class we assign a friend for the morning. When your child returns on their first day they won't feel anxious about who to have lunch with and who will be their friend.

On the first pre-entry morning parents/caregivers and children are invited to the school office where the principal will welcome them to school and direct them to the New Entrant room. If parents/caregivers have not already received an enrolment package please collect this from the office on the first pre-entry morning. On second/third pre-entry mornings parents/caregivers and children go directly to classroom by 8.40 a.m.

Enrolment Day

On your child's enrolment day at school (not pre-entry days), parents/caregivers and new entrants report to the office to complete the formal enrolment procedures for your child. You will need to complete an enrolment form and have your child's immunisation certificate (signed by your doctor) for us to sight. A copy of your child's birth certificate is essential. Please ensure that you do report to the school office prior to going to the classroom.

Sun Protection

The school has a commitment as part of the health programme to educate our children on the awareness of sun safety in partnership with parents and caregivers. The wearing of a wide-brimmed sunhat is encouraged during terms 1 and 4. Children are encouraged to wear sun-screen during these terms as well.


Ashburton Borough School makes use of community pools to facilitate swim instruction i.e. the Tinwald Pool and Ashburton Community Pool. The school undertakes an intensive swimming session at the Community Pool. Details of this are advised during the year, and also makes use of the Tinwald Domain Pool as required. Children are bussed to the pools. The Lagmhor pool is currently available to school families who attend the Lagmhor site without charge. Rules are displayed outside the pool.

Telephone System

Calls will be answered by an automated system. Please follow the steps to reach the person you require.

Travelling to School/Safety

Make sure your child knows how to cross roads safely if they are walking independently and perhaps arrange for another child from the same street to walk with them.

Use of School Grounds

You are welcome to use the school ground out of school hours. We insist that people keep away from the buildings during this time, and respect what is offered.


Borough School has no zoning, allowing the school to draw off its original catchment - the county / borough of Ashburton.