Enrolling at ABS at Borough and Lagmhor

Kia ora

We welcome prospective parents and caregivers. If you would like to arrange a visit to view either schools prior to pre-enrolment please call or email the Borough School Office.

Once you have visited the school and have decided you'd like to enrol your child at Borough or Lagmhor we invite you to pre-enrol your child by completing our online enrolment. Click here to do so. Once we receive your child's pre-enrolment we will be in touch via email with further information on the steps required to complete your child's enrolment.

Once you have completed the online enrolment, you will need to provide the office with the following:

* Child's Birth Certificate or Passport

* Child's Immunisation Record

* Student visa

If you have any queries or would like some guidance while completing this form, please ask at the Office.

New Entrants
In New Zealand, most children start school shortly after they turn five. All children must be enrolled at school by their sixth birthday.

Enrolling early helps us in planning for the number of children that will be attending, so it's important to do this as early as possible - ideally 6 months before they are due to start school.

For New Entrants, ABS run an induction programme which consists of 3 visits in which your child will spend time in the NE room, 3 weeks prior to starting school. The programme ensures a smooth and happy start to school life (for both child and parents) as the child gets to know other children they will start school with.

Our induction programme aims to support families to help children adjust from being at early childhood education and at home to being with new adults and peers in the school setting by:

* Providing a positive transition into a classroom which allows time to socialise and meet new friends, as well as formalising learning.

* Having 3 pre-school visits (2 mornings and 1 whole day), allows them to see what happens in a classroom and gives them the opportunity to be part of it.

A week or two prior to your child's first school visit our NE teachers will contact you via email to confirm dates for school visits. Please keep an eye out for these emails. If you haven't received an email during this period then please contact the Borough School Office.

Will my child be in Year 0 or Year 1 when they start school?
As a general guideline all students starting at the beginning of a school year and in February and March will be classified as a NE/Yr 1. From April until the end of the year they are classified as NE/Yr 0. Any variance to this will be in consultation with the parents/caregivers. In all cases a minimum of 18 months will be spent in years 1 & 2.

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