ABS at Borough

Ashburton Borough School was opened in 1872 and was for some time the only public school in the Ashburton County.

In the intervening years the school has served its community well, enjoying the loyalty and support of families, some over several generations.

Ashburton Borough strives to maintain its traditions, while being at the forefront of education locally, regionally and nationally.

In 1997 Ashburton Borough School, at the behest of parents wanting educational choice for their year seven and eight children, recapitated. This decision gives opportunity for our students to stay on at Borough for all their primary school years. The result; senior students play an integral part in the life and management of our school.

In 2001 Ashburton Borough School merged with Lagmhor School, ensuring the continuance of a rural school in a rural community, while offering opportunity to both students and staff of both sites. The combined schools are known as Ashburton Borough School incorporating Lagmhor School. The merged schools operate as one school on two sites. This model has been replicated elsewhere in New Zealand.

The Lagmhor School opened in 1918. It serves as the centre of its community and continues to be well supported.

The combined schools boast a number of pupils who have gone on to make their names in the world, including a Rhodes Scholar, successful academics, professionals, business leaders and New Zealand sport representatives.

Ashburton Borough School was the first Green Gold Enviro School in the South Island and is one of only fourteen schools in NZ recognised as a UNESCO Associated School.

In 2005 Ashburton Borough opened an after school care programme and more recently an after school tuition programme in support of students.

Borough School Circa 1900's

Borough School Circa 1950's