Our programmes and resources ensure your child's success and well-being.

International experience in childhood provides lifelong benefits. Whether on a short-term or full time programme, your child's stay with us will help them progress through the rest of their education with increased ability and confidence. Our programmes and resources ensure your child's success and well-being.

Please see the following documents for details on how to enrol.

  • International Student Contract of Enrolment

  • International Student Prospectus

  • International Students Handbook

  • Policies relating to International Students can be found on our policy website (pw: ashborough)

  • Information on Fee Protection, Complaints Guidelines and Dispute Resolution Scheme or if your issue is not resolved you can go to: Istudent Complaints

  • Information on the Code of Practice can be found at: Code of Practice

Tuition fees per student are $12,000 per year or $3,200 per term.

Homestay costs are $240 per week.

Group programme prices vary depending on the size of the group, the length of the visit and programme requests - email us for more information

Documents for Download

International Prospectus 2020.pdf

2020 International Prospectus

2020 International Student Handbook.pdf

2020 International Student Handbook

Primary Student Contract of Enrolment.pdf

Primary Student Contract of Enrolment

Fee Protection Policy.pdf

Fee Protection Policy

Disputes Resolution Scheme.pdf

Disputes Resolution Scheme

Complaints Guidelines and Policy.pdf

Complaints Guidelines and Policy