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Ashburton Borough School has come a long way on its sustainability journey over time. This has seen us develop and evolve our enviro belief and vision. The guiding principles: learning for sustainability; empowered students; sustainable communities; Māori perspectives; respect for the diversity of people and cultures are woven into all aspects of school life.

greengoldWe understand that all living things rely on each other and we must do all that we can to maintain nature's balance, sharing with others why we should be sustainable. Students know their ideas are valued and that their choices and actions contribute to a more sustainable world. The enviro group is a leading force within the school.

There is a strong sense of connection amongst Borough staff and students to the school environment, local area and greater Canterbury.

The environment at school is changing as students design and create new areas. Our new native garden, Mara Ataahua is an example of this and is well utilised.

The diversity of plants and animals has increased with new habitats created. Our edible organic gardens are enjoyed and soon our orchard trees will be bearing more fruit.

The differences we are making are an inspiration to others in our community eg Waste minimisation, education of parents re:sustainable practices,students taking action to solve local environmental issues.

The strongly established links with local environmental organisations and businesses have helped us to achieve this. We reflect on our progress, celebrate with the community and look for new ways to grow knowing that there is always more to achieve. We are continually building our relationships with the newly formed Ashburton Marae. Our kapahaka group is building in numbers and confidence.

Knowing the history of our area enriches our learning and influences how we look to the future.
The multicultural nature of our school is celebrated and adds richness to our daily lives. As global citizens we value diversity and are aware of the importance of our place in the world and the impact we have on it. We continually strive for environmental sustainability.

Created by John Hooper, Kate Wills, Jan Church, Sarah Greenslade, Hilary Iles, Frances, Lachie, Nov 09

Please click on the link to our wiki to view our enviro practices, action projects and students enviro work.

Key Concepts of Environmental Education

  • Interdependence: relationships between all living things and their environment
  • Biodiversity: variety of life
  • Personal & Social Responsibility: taking positive action to solve environmental problems and recognising Maori culture and traditions
  • Sustainability: using resources wisely, sharing resources and not wasting them, understanding that all living things rely on each other, maintaining natures balance, sharing with others why we should be sustainable.

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